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24hrs Electricity for Farafenni and Environs Soon
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24hrs Electricity for Farafenni and Environs Soon


Kaur, Central River Region, 20th November 2019 - Farafenni and other communities in North

Bank within a 50 miles radius will soon benefit from uninterrupted 24- hour supply of electricity,

President Barrow told tens of thousands of supporters in the border town of Farafenni.

President Adama Barrow said the OMVG hydroelectric power plant, which he commissioned in

Soma in February this year, will significantly stabilize energy supply in the region.

Once completed, the 30KW energy plant is expected to increase access from 40% to 60%;

ensuring that beneficiary communities enjoy 24 hours energy supply.

The project is a part of The Gambia's Energy Roadmap and one of the cheapest and clean

sources of energy.

The president also reiterated that his government resolves to continue widening the political

space, stressing his government will protect and guarantee people’s rights to divergent views and

political plurality.


Major road construction to follow current 24 electricity supply in Salikenni

Following the fulfillment of his pledge to providing 24-hour electricity supply to the community

of Salikenni in Central Badibou, President Barrow said the next plan of his government is to tar

the 18KM road that links Salikenni to the main highway.

The announcement was greeted with much applause and excitement from community members

who thronged the meeting venue in their thousands.

President Barrow heaped praises on the people Salikenni for supporting his development agenda

while paying homage to national political doyens who hailed from the community.

It was day three of the President’s meet the people tour and the conversations were honest and

national development driven

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