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Your Excellency Ernest Bai Koroma, President of the Republic of Sierra Leone,
Honourable Speaker of the National Assembly
Your Lordship the Chief Justice
Honourable Secretary General and Head of the Civil Service
Honorable Cabinet Ministers
Excellencies members of the Diplomatic and Corps
Chairman QGroup, Mr. Muhammed Jah and Partners
Distinguished ladies and gentlemen

Good evening to you all.

My brother, Your Excellency Ernest Bai Koroma, President of the Republic of Sierra Leone, I welcome you once again to the smiling coast. Your presence here today is an expression of the growing bonds of friendship and solidarity between our two countries and peoples. I take this opportunity to once again express our sincere gratitude for the crucial role you played in resolving the political impasse in the Gambia early this year.

Excellencies, distinguished guests,

I am indeed delighted to join you all today to officially launch this magnificent newly constructed recreational facility which complements my Government’s drive to encourage a healthy lifestyle for the Gambian people.

This new multi-purpose facility constructed by QGroup is an ultra-modern and high technology facility with a wide range of services for children and adult entertainment features. It is gratifying to note that the objective of Qcity is to provide the much needed multi-purpose facilities for Gambians to enjoy for both leisure and office work. . I congratulate the Chairman of QGroup Mr. Muhammed Jah, partners and the entire group for the laudable initiative.

I say to Mr. Jah and Group, I am sure this commendable venture will be celebrated by all Gambians. The Government is proud of this innovative undertaking and we are equally appreciative of your firm commitment to discharge your corporate social responsibility as expected.
My Government places high premium on the rapid transformation and modernization of this country in line of the demand and expectations of the public. However, Government cannot do it all alone without the participation of a vibrant and innovative private sector. The road to development is a long one and we need all hands on deck.

The private sector needs to play its full part as an engine for growth to the economy in partnership with Government whose role is to create the enabling environment for all actors to discharge their full potential necessary to boost the economy of this great country.

As President, I will do my absolute best to improve prospects and the future of this great nation by creating the necessary business and investment environment for job creation and improvement of living standards.

Excellencies and Distinguished guests,

I once again commend the hard work and commitment of QROUP and I would like to end my statement by challenging all Gambians to dare to dream.

With those few words, it is my pleasure to officially declare this new multi-purpose sports facility open.

May God Bless us all.