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President Barrow Applauds Progress in New Democracy, Welcomes New Parties

President Barrow Applauds Progress in New Democracy, Welcomes New Parties

State House, Banjul, 4 th December 2019 - His Excellency, President Barrow has extended congratulations to the new political parties that are gracing the county’s political landscape. He said it is a testament to the dividends of democracy that came through efforts and sacrifices made in the runup to December 2016. “The sacrifices and efforts we made to bring democracy to this country are today being enjoyed by all. It is grounded on such development for everyone to enjoy its dividends,” he told a meeting in Bondali on the 2nd December, which coincided with the victory celebration of his election into office. Reassuring that the dark days of political oppression is long gone, the President pledged that his government will continue to open up and expand the political space to accommodate political plurality and diversity. He recounted the challenges associated with being an opposition party under the 22-year dictatorship describing it as a risky business. President Barrow also congratulated the party leader of the opposition APRC party, Honourable Fabakary Tombong Jatta for coming out to welcome him upon arrival from the provincial tour over the weekend. “It shows our politics is maturing… we may belong to different groups but we should be able to conduct our politics with maturity”, President Barrow said, adding that The Gambia belongs to us all irrespective of political affiliations. In Foni, Honourable Hamat Bah, the tourism and culture minister spoke of the great qualities of President Barrow, highlighting respects for the dignity of all without regard to tribe, religion or sectionalism as one of his distinguishing traits. “He sought Presidency for three months and succeeded when I tried for two decades without success,” he said of President Barrow. Minister Bah asked the people of Foni to rally behind the President and be a part of the development wagon. “It will only ease your aspiration to bring development to your communities. He urged the audience at Kampassa to work with the Barrow government to realize their development aspirations

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