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Remarks by His Excellency, Mr Adama Barrow, President of The Republic of The Gambia
At the State Dinner in
Honour of Their Royal Highnesses,
The Prince of Wales and The Duchess of Cornwall

Held at the Coco Ocean Spa and Resort
1st November 2018

Your Royal Highnesses, The Prince of Wales and The Duchess of Cornwall
Honourable Speaker
Honourable Cabinet members
Distinguished guests

It was almost two years when Gambians decided they wanted change and they voted to restore and defend democracy. In April this year, The Gambia was formerly welcomed back to the Commonwealth family and gave us cause to celebrate. Tonight, hosting their Royal Highnesses is yet another exciting event to celebrate democracy.

The United Kingdom and by extension the Commonwealth have shown solidarity to my government and Gambians by supporting The Gambia’s bid to be accepted back to the Commonwealth. I thank the Commonwealth family for accepting us back. The Gambia enjoys significant UK support not only in our transition period but also through cooperation in Medical Research, Defence, Education, Tourism and support to Civil Society engagement.

The Prince of Wales’ decision to choose The Gambia as the first country to visit after the Commonwealth agreed to his succession as head of the organisation is indeed hugely appreciated. To us, this underscores an encouragement to place emphasis on the values of democracy and the rule of law. My government will continue to uphold these principles.

Your Royal Highnesses, Distinguished Guests,
I am happy to use this opportunity to congratulate Your Royal Highness, the Prince of Wales as you celebrate your 70th birthday this month but also as you continue to celebrate the grace that comes with being a grandfather. Congratulations Your Royal Highness.

Distinguished Guests, Ladies and Gentlemen shall we all rise and drink to the good health and personal wellbeing of their Royal Highnesses.

Thank you and please enjoy the Gambian hospitality.