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Gambia decides on travel to and from COVID-19 hotspot countries
News release

Gambia decides on travel to and from COVID-19 hotspot countries

President Adama Barrow has been updated on the outcome of the Ministerial Committee Meeting on the travel arrangements to and from hotspot countries.   It is in this light that the Office of the President informs the general public, all embassies and airlines that COVID-19 hotspot countries wishing to evacuate their citizens may do so within 48 hours and this will be subject to review as the situation demands.


Furthermore, all Gambians abroad wishing to return to The Gambia from the hotspot countries are hereby informed that they will undergo mandatory quarantine for 14 days upon arrival in approved facilities.


Also, the public is hereby informed that Non-Gambians from hotspot countries will not be allowed entry except in exceptional circumstances.  Once again, the public is urged to cooperate with Health Workers and all relevant authorities in the national efforts to prevent, contain and manage COVID-19.


The public is informed that the following countries listed below are identified as hotspot countries:


Asian and Pacific Region

1.              China

2.              Republic of Korea

3.              Japan

4.              Malaysia

5.              Australia

6.              Singapore

7.              Philippines

8.              Indonesia

9.              Thailand

10.           India




European Region

11.           Italy

12.           Spain

13.           France

14.           Germany

15.           Switzerland

16.           The United Kingdom

17.           Netherlands

18.           Norway

19.           Austria

20.           Belgium

21.           Sweden

22.           Denmark

23.           Czechia

24.           Greece

25.           Portugal

26.           Israel

27.           Finland

28.           Slovenia

29.           Ireland

30.           Estonia

31.           Iceland

32.           Romania

33.           Poland

34.           San Marino

35.           Luxembourg

36.           Turkey

37.           Russian Federation

38.           Slovakia



Eastern Mediterranean Region

39.           Islamic Republic of Iran

40.           Qatar

41.           Bahrain

42.           Pakistan

43.           Egypt

44.           Saudi Arabia

45.           Kuwait

46.           Iraq

47.           Lebanon

48.           United Arab Emirates




49.           United States of America

50.           Canada

51.           Brazil

52.           Chile

53.           Ecuador

54.           Peru



African region

55.           South Africa

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