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New Gambia Attracts Afreximbank and Partners for Potential Investment
News release

New Gambia Attracts Afreximbank and Partners for Potential Investment

More potential investors continue to explore opportunities in the Gambia. H.E. President Adama Barrow on Monday received a high powered delegation led by the president and Chairman of the Board of Directors of Afreximbank, Dr. Benedict OkeyOramah. The meeting was another opportunity for the President to call for African solidarity to stabilize the Gambian economy through investment in the country’s priority areas. The Gambian President took pride in the enabling environment to invite the Afreximbank team to invest in the Gambia. He said having inherited a broken economy there is urgent need to address the challenges in the different sectors such as Tourism, Energy, Agriculture, Communication and Infrastructure. President Barrow asserted that addressing the issues will create job opportunities, food security and ultimately contribute to wealth creation.

Dr. Oramah on his part expressed appreciation the leadership President Barrow demonstrated in having a peaceful transition and congratulated him on his victory in the Presidential elections of December 2016.

On the objective of their scoping mission to Banjul, the Bank’s President, Dr. Oramah stated that they came to learn about the Gambia’s expectation and to express their interest to support the country to address its immediate priorities. He assured President Barrow that they are committed to support the Gambia realize its vision through economic development to sustain its democratic gains.

Apart from the stated priorities, Afreximbankexpressed interest in a wide range of areas including port expansion, river transport, banking amongst others. Afreximbank has a membership of shareholders from governments, African and Non-African membership to promote trade amongst African countries and beyond.

The meeting was also attended by Minister of Tourism and Culture, Honourable Hamat Bah, Minister of Works and Infrastructure, BaiLaminJobe, Permanent Secretaries Finance and trade, LaminCamara and Naffie Barry respectively.

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