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President Barrow Begins Second Leg of Dialogue Tour in Foni

President Barrow Begins Second Leg of Dialogue Tour in Foni

President Barrow began the second leg of his ongoing dialogue with the people in Foni Sintet and Bambara, where scores of people came out to show support to his development agenda.

Speakers took turns to acknowledge the rapid development the country is witnessing under the leadership of President Barrow while pleading for more to be done in the areas of health, agriculture, electricity and skills development centres. Additionally, they expressed frustration over the issue of the network in Foni.

Having listened to the concerns of the people, the President together with his ministers, unveiled the government's ongoing reforms in line with the National Development Plan. The President disclosed that to address the issue of the network in the country and Foni in particular, Gamtel will soon install 185 towers across the country with 4G signals.

In Health, the Minister Dr Ahmadou Samateh dilated on the flagship community ambulances and the rehabilitation and building of health facilities across the country.

The Agriculture Minister Hon. Amie Fabureh also detailed the numerous projects and activities her Ministry has been spearheading to improve agriculture productivity in the country.

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