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President Barrow casts his ballot in the Mayoral and Chairperson Election

President Barrow casts his ballot in the Mayoral and Chairperson Election

The President of the Republic, His Excellency Adama Barrow, has on Saturday 12 May 2018, cast his ballot in the Mayoral and Chairperson election currently underway in the country. Lady Sarjo, the Chairperson of the Independent Electoral Commission and Senior State House officials, accompanied the President at a local polling station in Old Yundum.

Shortly after, President Barrow spoke to the media about the importance of the day. Here are some quotes for your use:


As a leader you have to lead by example. We are calling on all Gambians to come out and vote. We are voting for councils, people who’d represent us in our council that collect our taxes. I think it is important for you to decide who’d take the responsibility for it.

We contested elections based on the principle of democracy. We want to make sure that democracy continues. And we want to make sure everyone is free in this country to exercise your right. We think every body has enjoyed this cycle of elections. It has been free fair and transparent, and I think that is very important


I don’t think it’s a big challenge for this government. We want to make sure we maintain the principle of democracy. We want to create an environment of a level playing field so that everyone would participate. I think we have proven that beyond every reasonable doubt. The number of participants in this election is very great, and that is good for our democracy.


We need to educate the people; that’s the most important thing. We have to empower people responsible for civic education to make sure people are educated and enlighten. If you are enlightened, you know your right. I think that’s the biggest challenge.

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