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President Barrow receives President Obiang's Special Envoy

President Barrow receives President Obiang's Special Envoy

President Barrow this evening received Ms Amalia Nchama Obiang as Special Envoy of his father, President Obiang of Equatorial Guinea. Ms Obiang presented a letter to the Gambian leader and requested to attend the burial of Aja Fatou Asombi Bojang in Bujinga.

President Barrow, in accepting the letter, welcomed the special envoy to The Gambia and extended his greetings to President Obiang. The Gambian leader whilst praying for the deceased, said she was an elderly Gambian and a mother who deserves to be given a befitting burial in her home.

President Barrow through Ms Obiang, extended his highest consideration to President Obiang. The Equatorial Guinean Special Envoy was accompanied to the State House by the Minister of Regional Government and Lands, Honorable Musa Drammeh, the Secretary to Cabinet, Ebrima Ceesay and the Director General of the State Intelligence Services Mr. Ousman Sowe.

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