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World Bank and IMF Missions Met President Barrow
News release

World Bank and IMF Missions Met President Barrow

The World Bank Country Director, Ms. Louise Cord said they have reviewed the level of expenditure and was impressed with the level of government transparency, and the positive steps taken for a more balance economy. She said the government has been provided with loan to support budget for pharmaceuticals, salaries for the education sector amounting to US$40 million budget support to bring the government economic programme back on track. Other areas of reforms discussed included the security and civil service. The IMF Chief of Mission expressed delight that after the difficult situation inherited by the Barrow government, efforts are being made to have the right policies for both political and economic transition
In a similar vein, the Deputy Director Africa Department of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) Roger Nord shared the efforts being made to provide financial and technical support to improve the economic situation of the country. Both the IMF and World Bank missions had earlier completed a tour of duty with relevant government ministries and institutions such as a Central Bank of the Gambia. The briefing with His Excellency President Barrow was witnessed by the Minister of Finance and Economic Affairs Hon Amadou Sanneh, the two Permanent Secretaries at the Ministry of Finance Mr. Lamin Camara and Abdoulie Jallow as well as Permanent Secretary Office of the President, Mr. Ebrima Ceesay, the Governor of Central Bank of The Gambia, Amadou Kolley and other officials.

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