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Barrow calls for trust and confidence building to enhance regional peace
News release

Barrow calls for trust and confidence building to enhance regional peace

President Adama Barrow has said he would like the close relationship that he and Senegalese President Macky Sall enjoy to extend to all sectors and institutions of their two countries. He made these remarks during a courtesy call on him today by Senegalese Army Chief General Cheikh Geuye.

President Barrow told General Gueye and his delegation that his government gave security a high priority because it was through security engendered peace and stability that other sectors could develop. He emphasised the importance of peace between the two countries, emphasising that with continued trust and confidence building among all stakeholders, it was possible to maintain peace and stability in the region.

General Geuye expressed appreciation for the warmth and friendship shown to his delegation. He said the purpose of his visit was to build trust and confidence between the two armed forces. He said both forces could share experiences and learn from each other through joint training and peace keeping missions.

Gambia Armed Forces Chief of Defence Staff General Masaneh Kinteh stressed that training was an important area of collaboration between the two armed forces. He thanked his Senegalese colleague for the visit and said it would strengthen their bilateral relations.

While The Gambia and Senegal share common borders and cultures, the political relationship between the two countries was strained under the former Gambian regime. Since the inception of the Barrow administration, however, relations between the two countries have improved significantly.

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