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The Archbishop MirostawAdamczyk, Representative of the Pope accompanied by Bishop Robert Ellison, the Bishop of Banjul and Mr. Pierre Sarr made a courtesy call on His Excellency, President Adama Barrow at his office. Archbishop Adamczyk extended message of good will and peace from the Pope, the leader of the Vatican. The Archbishop said The Vatican does not have political affiliation but its family is the Catholic around the world. He prayed for the continued peace and prosperity.

H.E thankedBishop Robert Ellison of the Catholic Mission for supporting him during the impasse and even advised the former government to accept the verdict of the people. It demonstrates his level of commitment for peace and respect for the verdict of the people. President Barrow further thanked him for bringing him message from the highest office of the Vatican. He reiterated that The Gambia is a secular state which promotes peace, democracy and creates equality for all.

Bishop of Banjul, Robert Ellison called for respect for peace and understanding because both Muslims and Christian lived together. The independent day demonstrated that so many people support the President. He said it was a privilege to lead prayers for the important event of the 18th February 2017.

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