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Gambia Signs Cooperation with Russia for Visa Exemption
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Gambia Signs Cooperation with Russia for Visa Exemption

The Russian President Vladimir Putin expressed gratitude and conveyed best wishes to President Adama Barrow. This was revealed during an interview with the media by the Russian Foreign Minister, Mr. Mickhail Bagnodov. He said Russian is happy with the new developments in The Gambia and noted that with stability there will be socio-economic development. He said it will also provide a conducive environment for good collaboration between the countries.

During the visit, the Russian Foreign Minister Bagnodov and his Gambian counterpart, Honourable Ousainou Darbo signed a bilateral agreement for visa exemption of official passport holders. This will facilitate for business people and officials to move freely between the two counties.

The Gambia and Russia will engage in regular consultations to further work on other sectors such as trade, tourism, training of personal and security. It was noted that the common agenda of terrorism and drug trafficking was also their concern.

The Gambian Minister of Foreign Affairs, International Cooperation and Gambians Abroad, Honourable Darbo said the relationship with Russia is stronger and that there is diplomatic relations between the two countrieswhich opensdoors for their citizens.

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