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Gambia will host OIC 2022 Summit, OIC Makkah Summit declares

Gambia will host OIC 2022 Summit, OIC Makkah Summit declares

The 15th Session of the Summit of Heads of State and Government of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (O.I.C.) has declared that the 2022 Summit of the organization will be held in the Republic of The Gambia.

In the communique from the organization following the Makkah Summit, the Muslim leaders said ‘‘the conference decided to convene its 15th Session in the Republic of The Gambia in 2022 at a date to be determined in coordination with the OIC General Secretariat’’.

It further called upon the OIC Member States and relevant organs ‘‘to cooperate with the General Secretariat and support the host country and make efforts for the success of the Islamic Summit Conference in Banjul’’.

The government of The Gambia last month announced that it was deferring the hosting of the 2019 Summit to itself more time to successfully host the world’s biggest gathering of leaders. The decision, which paved the way for Saudi Arabia - the host country of the OIC headquarters, to welcome the Muslim leaders, will give The Gambia enough room to implement related projects.

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