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Invitation to media events
Media Advisory

Invitation to media events

President Adama Barrow will hold a number of media events next week. The President will respond to several media requests for one-on-one interviews as well as hold the second of his bi annual press conferences for 2017.

Journalists interested in taking part in the press conference are requested to complete the attached information sheet and send it back to the undersigned no later than noon on Monday, the 24thof July 2017. The email addresses to use is the following: is limited and confirmation will thus be given on a first come first serve basis.

The Media Unit at the Office of the President is overhauling the Statehouse website, and all media related information will soon be made available on the website on a regular basis. The team will also soon release an e-newsletter and a short documentary on the first six months of the Barrow administration..

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