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Media Advisory
Media Advisory

Media Advisory

Goodwill message from Her Majesty the Queen to President Barrow

President Adama Barrow acknowledged receipt of a message of best wishes from Her Majesty, the Queen expressing warm greetings and best wishes for good fortune and happiness for the people of The Gambia.

International Women’s Day

In the same vein, President Barrow takes the opportunity to join the Office of the Vice President and Ministry of Women’s Affairs and all Gambians to wish all women a happy International Women’s Day. The President encourages all to work hard to ensure that policies and programmes promoting and protecting the rights of women and girls are enforced. The New Gambia will continue to build on the gains made to enhance the well-being of our women and girls.

President Macky Sall visits

Meanwhile, President Adama Barrow presided over another Cabinet meeting today. The meeting focused on trade and investment for job creation and economic growth. The Cabinet also discussed the upcoming first high-level meeting between The Gambia and Senegal. Gambian officials will host their Senegalese colleagues from the 11-13 March 2018.

The three-day meeting will begin with that of the Experts’ to be followed by the Inter-Ministerial one and concluded by the meeting with the two Heads of State, President Adama Barrow and President Macky Sall. The two Heads of State will have a joint press conference during the visit.

Defense and Security, Forestry, Transport, Justice, Tourism & Culture, Communication, Energy and Petroleum, Custom, trade, sports, and consular issues amongst others will be discussed. The Banjul meeting will further strengthen the cooperation and integration between the two countries. Last year during President Barrow’s official visit to Senegal, the two countries signed a joint communique on several areas of cooperation.

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