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President Barrow named Chief Patron for Best Teacher’s Award
News release

President Barrow named Chief Patron for Best Teacher’s Award

The non-profit Gambia Teaching Trust has introduced a one million Dalasi Award in recognition of the most outstanding Gambian teacher of the year. Members of the Trust announced this to President Adama Barrow when they visited him in his office in Fajara today.

National Coordinator Ebrima Sonko said the Trust will hold its Annual Teacher Award ceremony in January 2018, at which time it will reward its first recipient. Mr Sonko said the winner would go on to represent The Gambia at the Global Teachers Award in Dubai in August 2018. The Trust invited President Barrow to be Chief Patron of the Award, an invitation which he happily accepted.

Mr Sonko explained that the award will underscore the importance of educators in The Gambia, and would be open to teachers across the country. The Trust has set up a committee of eleven veteran educationalists to look at the applications of all teachers from across the country, ultimately selecting the best teacher.

President Barrow described the initiative as a noble one. He said salaries of public servants, including teachers, were appalling and a review of this situation needed to be factored into ongoing reform discussions. The Gambian leader said institutional reforms, require transparency, accountability and discipline in structures to avoid unnecessary wasteful practices. He assured the members of the Trust of his commitment and support for investment in the education sector.

The Gambia Teaching Trust is an independent non-profit charitable organisation that seeks to complement the efforts of the government in recognising, supporting and appreciating the efforts of Teachers in The Gambia.

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