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President Barrow Appoints two New Female High Court Judges
News release

President Barrow Appoints two New Female High Court Judges

President Adama Barrow appointed two new High Court judges this week, following recommendations from The Gambia’s Judiciary Service Commission. The elevation of Justices Zainab Jawara Alami and Sainabou Wadda Cisse to the nation’s highest court follows the appointment of six other High Court judges in mid-May, making this four female judiciary appointments by Mr. Barrow.
President Barrow said: “In the past, the bench has been predominantly occupied by men. Therefore, I am particularly delighted to note that the number of women joining the bench is now on the increase.”
Mr. Barrow called on the new appointees to honestly contribute their quota to the advancement and the strengthening of the country’s justice system in order to build its lost image. He stressed this was critical for the judiciary to regain public confidence, this in itself an important benchmark for attracting domestic and foreign direct investment. He said that private and public sector investment was the foundation for rapid socio economic development for any nation.
The President explained that his administration had inherited a broken economy and weak institutions, which was affecting its immediate capacity to deliver services to the public as quickly as desired. He however emphasized that all steps were being taken to fast-track development across the board.
He said: “I feel encouraged and hopeful whenever I welcome highly skilled and dedicated Gambians like you willing to take up position of responsibility in government. This serves my slogan “Gambia is back”.

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