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Turkish Cooperation Coordination Agency calls on Gambian Leader
News release

Turkish Cooperation Coordination Agency calls on Gambian Leader

On a separate engagement, President Barrow received the representative of the Turkish Cooperation Coordinating Agency for Endowment Diyanet Foundation based in Sudan. He was accompanied by the Religious Affairs Adviser, Office of the President, Honourable Dembo Bojang, the President of the Supreme Islamic Council and delegation. The President was briefed on their activities including in supporting orphans, and was informed that more support will be provided during the month of Ramadan.

Supreme Islamic Council Head also took the opportunity to brief President Barrow on a recent visit to the Kingdom of Morocco at the invitation of the King Muhammed VI. He reported that the visit was to coordinate Endowment fund for Africa and the need to establish a local office to coordinate the activities of the Moroccan King’s intervention in helping 33 African countries in the Kingdom’s new strategy of inward looking.

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