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Five 5 STAR hotels earmarked for Kombo South
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Five 5 STAR hotels earmarked for Kombo South

At the President’s ongoing dialogue with the people in Kombo South, the Minster of information Hon. Ebrima Sillah announced that the government has plans to build Five hotels in Kombo South, to boost tourism in the coastal area as well as create employment.

According to Hon. Sillah, the government will in 2021, construct roads in Gunjur, Sanyang, Brufut, Kassa Kunda and Jambur. He used the opportunity to call on the people of the District to support President Barrow’s agenda, as he sets to bring development after years of neglect by the previous governments.

President Barrow in his address reminded the people of Kombo South about the significance of their contribution in Gambian politics, adding that they should rally behind his government to transform the country.

He warned them to be wary of unscrupulous elements in the country’s political dispensation who are only after their personal interests instead of the country's.

Other speakers including the Chief of Kombo South, Lamin Darboe expressed support for the President and his development agenda.

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