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President Barrow is the Most Trusted Political Leader in The Gambia - Afrobarometer Research Shows
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President Barrow is the Most Trusted Political Leader in The Gambia - Afrobarometer Research Shows

An overwhelming majority of The Gambian population said President Adama Barrow is the most trusted political leader in the country, a national survey sanctioned by Afrobarometer reveals.
Almost 7 out of every 10 Gambians rate the President top ahead of a host of national political institutions and officials, such as opposition politicians, national assembly members, the army, electoral commission, judicial officials, the police. Only religious and traditional leaders who scored 85% and 71%, respectively, come ahead of the President, which according to most analysts is not surprising given that The Gambia is a highly conservative religious society.

The nationally representative survey, which was conducted between July and August 2018, examined public perception of trust and corruption across all sectors in the country. One thousand two hundred (1200) adults from across the seven regions of the country, in both urban and rural areas, took part in the survey.

The study further shows that close to half of The Gambian population (46%) believe that corruption is reducing in the country under President Adama Barrow. Additionally, more than of the half of the population (55%) is confident that the authorities would take action when corruption is reported. Only a tiny chunk, two out of ten, perceive the President and his officials to be corrupt.
Sixty-six percent (66%) believes that ordinary Gambians can make a difference in the fight against corruption.

Afrobarometer is a pan African public opinion research think-thank that operates in over 33 countries on the continent.
The latest findings from Afrobarometer came hard on the heels of a similar report that favorably scored the Gambia government high in terms of adhering to the principles of good governance, rule of law and transparency. The government was ranked impressively in terms of rule of law, government effectiveness, and control of corruption, with 78%, 78%, and 63%, respectively. The scorecard, published last month, has contributions from world-renowned political and financial institutions like the World Bank, Freedom House, Brookings Institute, International Monetary. A few months ago, Gallup, one of the leading global public opinion pollsters found out that an overwhelming majority of Gambians have confidence in the President.

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