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Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair Visits President Barrow
News release

Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair Visits President Barrow

Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair visited President Barrow on Friday, 1st April 2017 and had a private discussion with him. Prior to that his delegation of three other officials and the Gambian officials, the Minister of Foreign Affairs, International Cooperation and Gambians Abroad, Honourable Ousainou Darbo, his Permanent Secretary, Njogu Saerr Bah and Secretary General and Head of Civil Service, Dawda Fadera had a meeting with the Gambian President.

Thevisit of the former British Prime Minister continues to mark the importance the world has given to The Gambia for bringing democracy to life again. The smiling coast of Africa has regained its image as a peaceful country where democracy and respect for human rights of people is thriving again. Since taking power through the ballot box, President Barrow has been rated amongst the most popular Presidents in recent times. This could be associated to the relieve Gambians had from 22 years of dictatorship and isolation from the global arena because of the former regime’s bad human rights record.

In an interview after his meeting with the Gambian leader, Mr. Blair described President Barrow as a man of good heart and mind and he is ready to help his government deliver the change Gambians desire. This will include setting up of a constitutional reform agenda and an economic programme that impacts positively on the daily lives of Gambians. The former British Prime Minister said truth and reconciliation are inevitable but the country should be allowed to move into the future.

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