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Gambian publications deserve international platforms – President Barrow
News release

Gambian publications deserve international platforms – President Barrow

His Excellency, President Adama Barrow said he is in agreement with a UK-based Gambian author and publisher that Gambian intellectual and other creative works deserve international platforms and market.

Yaya Sillah was at the State House on Friday to introduce his new publishing company in The Gambia to President Barrow on Friday, February 01, and to also present five samples of his books.

Mr. Sillah is a Gambian publisher and writer who has been living in the UK for 15 years. He is also the Chairman, Best Gambia Britannia Economical Support Trust, and Managing Director, Yaya Sillah Books Ltd.

President Barrow expressed excitement at the initiative to establish a publishing company in the country primarily dedicated to documenting and selling the country’s culture, values, and good image beyond its borders.

“Hopefully, Gambian books and intellectual works will also be available in the world market in the coming years,” he added.

Meanwhile, Mr. Sillah said his mission is to empower Gambian intellectuals and ensure that Gambian books are available at international markets.

“Books are the vitamins of education. Books are tools of disseminating inspirational stories and valuable information necessary for anyone to become a proper human being for society. As Africans I believe that our stories and our works deserve international platforms. So therefore, we do not have to continue to consume old ideas from others when we can export the best of our cultural values to them,” Sillah maintained, noting that publicity is the only best way to sell your country outside its borders.

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