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Opening ceremony of  Third Edition of the TAF Africa Global  Networking Event

Opening ceremony of Third Edition of the TAF Africa Global Networking Event

Statement by H.E Adama Barrow

President of the Republic of The Gambia

At the Opening ceremony of
Third Edition of the TAF Africa Global
Networking Event

On the 27 December 2017

At Coral Beach Hotel
Your Excellency, Madam Vice President
Honourable Secretary General and Head of the Civil Service
Honorable Cabinet Ministers
Excellencies members of the Diplomatic and Consular Corps
Mr Mustapha Njie, CEO TAF Africa Global
Event Facilitators
Distinguished ladies and gentlemen
Members of the Media

Let me begin by welcoming you to the 3rd Edition of the TAF Africa Global Event here in The Gambia. I take this opportunity to pay tribute to Mr Mustapha Njie, a distinguished Gambian businessman for this innovative and strategic programme. I also avail myself this opportunity to once again congratulate Mr Njie for his recent award. You made all of us proud Gambians.

This third edition is special in many ways, giving that it is taking place under democratic governance in the New Gambia we all gallantly helped to install. We now have an investment friendly environment, backed by rule of law, and incentives for potential investors.

Following 22 years of mismanagement by the former regime, the country is now faced with huge challenges, as well as great opportunities for foreign direct investments. This is in line with the theme of this important event – Opportunities and challenges in the New Gambia. It also agrees with the clarion call we made on Gambians, especially those living in the Diaspora to come home and explore the possibilities of investing in the country.

This forum is indeed very encouraging given the impressive turnout of well-known Gambians and stakeholders from various backgrounds. It clearly underscores the desire and commitment of all of you to fully participate in the development of this great nation, we all call home.

Chairperson, ladies and gentlemen,

The country’s blueprint, the National Development Plan 2018-2021 has been validated. The goal of the plan is to deliver good governance and accountability, social cohesion, national reconciliation, and a revitalised economy for the wellbeing of all Gambians.

To realise this goal, all Gambians and development partners will have to join efforts, to ensure the successful implementation of the plan. This is why forums like this are critical for networking.

Chairperson, ladies and gentlemen,

The provision of a platform for the youth, the physically challenged and Civil Society groups in this event, creates a strong pillar for everyone to participate in nation building. It is an opportunity to inspire young people and create awareness on the possibilities of financing, skills development and job creation in addressing the backway syndrome.

I commend you for this initiative because the objective of my administration in national development is to leave no one behind. We all have a stake in the development of the nation.

Most of you have achieved a lot in life, and I am greatly encouraged by your presence here today, which is a show of your commitment and the desire to contribute to the development of The Gambia. Looking at the list of speakers at this forum consisting of only Gambian intellectuals and high achievers, indicates how much the country has lost, over the years, its great human capital.

It is important for the Ministry of Finance to present to you an overview of the National Development Plan, to give you an opportunity to familiarise yourselves with it, as well as reflect on how the outcome of this forum will contribute to its effective implementation.

The New Gambia has created an opportunity for you to now come home and take part in the implementation of the national development plan. I assure you that this is the New Gambia, and belief me, The Gambia is back!

With this few remarks, I now have the honour to declare the Third Edition of TAF Africa Global Forum 2017 formally open.

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