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President Barrow calls on sworn officials to be righteous, honest, trustworthy
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President Barrow calls on sworn officials to be righteous, honest, trustworthy

His Excellency, President Adama Barrow has called on newly-sworn public officers to be righteous, honest and trustworthy in the execution of their duties as public officers.


He made this call while presiding over the swearing-in ceremony of a high court judge and two members of the Public Service Commission at the State House on Thursday, 13th February 2020.


Justice Zainab Nguie Mboob took oaths as Justice of the High Court of The Gambia, while Baboucarr Alieu Suwareh and Musa O. Sanneh took theirs as members of the Public Service Commission of The Gambia. The trio took oaths of allegiance, office and secrecy in the execution of functions of their offices at the Cabinet Room of the Presidency.


President Barrow reminded them that in taking up their appointments, they should remember their decisions and actions in the course of executing duties will impact on the lives of Gambians, who do not have the privilege to be where they are.


“In The Gambia, there is an obvious need for deeper commitment and passion for public officials to serve professionally, without fear or favour. In this way, the national interest will be served best,” he said.


He further noted that the new appointments are a part of continuous search for Gambian citizens who will contribute towards the strengthening of governance structures, improve the performance in delivering service to the citizenry in the best interest of the nation.


The Chief Justice of The Gambia, Hassan Bubacarr Jallow thanked the President for acting on the recommendation of the Judicial Service Commission to appoint Justice Zainab Nguie Mboob as a judge.


Chief Justice Jallow described her as someone with great experience in both the bench and the bar, in The Gambia and abroad. Hence her choice of returning home to serve comes with a great sense of sacrifice on her part.


Justice Zainab Nguie Mboob in her vote of thanks said she has seen some “great deal of change” in the judiciary under the leadership of Chief Justice Jallow upon her return to The Gambia. She noted the non-interference by the executive in the work of the judiciary as something remarkable.


“A well respected and functional judicial system is the backbone to a well-functioning democracy,” she maintained.


On assuming office, the Barrow Government pledged to undertake relevant institutional and legal reforms in accordance with global standards and best practice.


“This calls for setting new targets for institutions, reviewing laws and procedures, and continually improving output through positive attitude to work and devoted service to nation,” President Barrow explained.

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