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President Barrow inaugurates D82M National Audit Office building
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President Barrow inaugurates D82M National Audit Office building

His Excellency, Mr. Adama Barrow Tuesday inaugurated the new D82Million office building that is to be the headquarters of the National Audit Office (NAO). The office, designed and constructed by Gambian firms, is located on Bertil Herding Highway, in the Kanifing Institutional Area.

The National Audit Office is entrusted with the auditing of accounts of all government institutions, Local Government Authorities and other public bodies. Hence its “crucial role” in the government’s institutional reform programme as a catalyst for nation building.

The building is wholly funded by The Government of The Gambia. The President said it has been built to create conducive and adequate space for the staff to work professionally and in confidence.
In view of the high level of public expectations cast on his Government, President Barrow said the National Audit Office carries public trust to facilitate accountability of the Executive to the Legislature. “In other words, the NAO has the special role of enhancing proper financial management and governance for the realisation of the NDP goals,” he added.

Mindful of these responsibilities, he maintained that his Government is determined to strengthen the National Audit Office to foster efficiency and effectiveness in public administration.
Such a measure is a fundamental feature in any democratic system that seeks to promote accountability and good governance, the President further emphasises. He added that it also serves to protect and maintain the integrity of Government and the public sector.
“It is through such checks and balances that we can deliver public service for public satisfaction,” he said.

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