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President Barrow Congratulates China on 70th National Day Anniversary
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President Barrow Congratulates China on 70th National Day Anniversary

 His Excellency, President Adama Barrow congratulates the People’s Republic of China on the 70th anniversary of its National Day.


The Gambia and the People’s Republic of China enjoyed long-standing relations since the 1970s, resulting to the construction of The Gambia’s main football stadium in Bakau, enormous support to the agriculture and health sectors, among others.


After a brief break in diplomatic ties under the former regime, the two countries resumed their relations in 2017 under the leadership of President Barrow and President Xi Jinping. Since then, the special bilateral relationship has been advancing smoothly, and The Gambia government remains steadfast in renewing its unequivocal support for the One-China Policy.


During the Forum on China-Africa Cooperation  (FOCAC) Summit in 2018, His Excellency, President Xi Jinping announced the “Eight Major Initiatives” to strengthen cooperation with Africa and at the bilateral level, held several meetings with President Barrow on priority areas of the Gambia’s NDP.  


President Barrow and President Jinping witnessed the signing ceremonies of several cooperation agreements in Beijing.   The Gambia and the People’s Republic of China are already partnering in agriculture, infrastructure, and technical assistance to enhance capacity through higher education and short term training in various fields. It also includes expanding people to people exchanges in culture and trade.


Prominent among Chinese assistance to The Gambia is supporting in infrastructural development such as the construction of roads and bridges in the Upper River Region, and the international conference centre in Kololi. Cooperation in agricultural and health between the two countries has advanced significantly.


“It is quite a comfort that China continues to stand by us, especially in times of need,” President Adama Barrow said recently, describing the bilateral relations as “brotherly”. He extends best wishes and congratulations to the Government and the People’s Republic of China as they celebrate this day.

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