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Thousands from West Coast Turn up to Show Support to Barrow
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Thousands from West Coast Turn up to Show Support to Barrow

The people of West Coast Region on Sunday afternoon came out in an unprecedented way to send an unequivocal message that they are fully behind President Barrow and his development agenda. Thousands of supporters from across the region thronged the Grand Tent at the State House in Banjul to express solidarity and send a simple clear message that ‘‘we are with you, Mr. President!’’

Addressing the crowd, President Barrow assumed his rightful role as the Unifier-In-Chief of the country highlighting that being the president of the republic he is responsible for the welfare and wellbeing of all and sundry, irrespective of ethnolinguistic, regional or political affiliations.

‘’In the spirit of national reconciliation and social cohesion, and aware of the fact that I am everyone’s president, I wish to tell the people of Foni that they are part of my family. I will never overlook you or anyone for development simply because you are not with me’’.

President Barrow expressed optimism for the future of the country assuring that his government is on track to bring groundbreaking development projects that would significantly impact the lives of ordinary Gambians. He called for the people to rally behind his development agenda indicating that the time for politics was long gone.

The president could not hide his feelings expressing delight at the massive crowd from the most influential geopolitical entity in the country. At a time when political parties are convening statutory congresses, the president unapologetically declared, to much rupture and applause, that: ‘’this is my congress, and I am sure no congress would be bigger’’.

The delegates, who spoke on behalf of the region, assured the President of their unconditional support, pointing out that they came to the meeting on their own volition. They used the opportunity to highlight their development needs calling for the intervention of the government in various areas to expand electricity supply in various communities that are not connected, clean drinking water and feeder roads to ease communication.

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