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President Barrow tells Lower Badibou delegation
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President Barrow tells Lower Badibou delegation

‘‘My focus is on the ongoing reform agenda’’, President Barrow tells Lower Badibou delegation

State House, Banjul, 13th October 2019 - His Excellency, President Adama Barrow has reiterated his call for Gambians to remain steadfast on the task of nation-building and shun any attempts to distract the country from the ongoing reform programmes.

‘’There is so much more we can achieve as a country than get distracted by petty politics’’, President Barrow said, stressing that the time for politics is not now.

‘’We are at work. The five-year mandate that Gambians have tasked my government is incomplete: the Constitutional Review Commission is still underway and the drafting shall be followed by a referendum’’. He also cited the all-important truth-seeking work of the Truth Reconciliation and Reparations Commission, among other transitional programmes. 

President Barrow expressed gratitude to the people of Lower Badibou for standing by his side from day one. ‘‘Your visit here confirms my belief that you have always been unwavering in your support for my government’’, he stated.

The President made the call on Saturday during a meeting with communities from Lower Badibou at the State House in Banjul.   The delegation was there  to renew support for the Government’s development agenda.

The National Assembly Member for Lower Badibou, Honourable Alagie Jawara, who led the delegation to the presidency, reiterated the position of the President that the country should focus on the work at hand. He said Gambians are thankful for having a President that upholds the dignity of everyone and respects and guarantees freedom of speech and the humanity of all.

He described the people of Lower Badibou as “a  community that has undying love and loyalty to your government’’.

All other speakers like Bakary Drammeh of Saaba, Ansumana Barrow, the representative of the Alkalo of Gunjur,  and Banja Touray, the representative of Gunjur women declared that ‘’we are with you all the way; whatever you do we are with you to the end’’. 

Alkali Conteh, a Badibou native told the gathering that the people of Badibou are indebted to the President giving that he has always had the Badibunkas in highest consideration.

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