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Turkey Ambassador Visits President Barrow
News release

Turkey Ambassador Visits President Barrow

Turkey’s Ambassador to The Gambia, Ismail SefaYuceer, has told President Adama Barrow thatdespite Turkey’s preoccupation with national issues, it would support The Gambia by providing immediate medical assistance to 25 Gambian patients. These medical patients are to be taken to Turkey for treatment.

Turkey is alsoto provide The Gambia with 20 buses to ease the burden of public transportation. Ambassador Yuceer made this information known when he accompanied the Vice President of MAARIF, the Turkish Education Foundation,Dr. HasanYavuz, to State House in Fajara. The MAARIF VP’s visit was part of an Africa tour to strengthen Turkish African relations.

MAARIF is a state institution funded by the Turkish government. It was established in 2014 with 300 schools under its administration. It is through the foundation that Turkey provides bilateral educational support. Dr. Yavus said his foundation was working closely with the Gambia’s Ministry of Basic and Secondary Education. MAARIF is expected to sign a memorandum of understanding on cooperation with the ministry.Dr. Yavuz revealed plans for the foundation to build and support a lower basic school.

President Barrow spoke appreciatively of the overall bilateral relationship between The Gambia and Turkey.He acknowledged Turkey’s support during the political impasse in The Gambia earlier in the year. He welcomed the Turkish education foundation’s support, stressing that education will always increase capacity.

The President called on Turkey to also consider cooperation in other sectors like agriculture and energy.

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